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Stitching the Edges and Under-Trimming the Linings

of Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Etc., at One Operation

Machines 51w56 and 51w57 have a "post" bed and are designed for simultaneously stitching the edges and under-trimming the linings of shoes, sandals, slippers, etc. As these machines will accomplish the combined stitching and trimming operation at the high speed of 2200 stitches per minute, a greatly increased output of excellent quality work is assured by their use, making them the foremost "post" bed machines for this class of work.

Machine 51w56 is equipped with an oblique under-edge trimmer which trims back of the needle. The distance from the trimmed edge to the line of stitching may be .015, .025, .035 or .050 inch, as desired, and orders for the machine should specify the trimming margin required. Unless otherwise ordered, this machine will be fitted for making the trimming margin .015 inch.

Machine 51w57 is the same as Machine 51w56 with the exception that the trimmer trims abreast of the needle and the distance from the trimmed edge to the line of stitching may be .050, .060 or .075 inch, as desired. Orders for the machine should state the trimming margin required. Unless otherwise ordered, this machine will be fitted for making the trimming margin .050 inch.

Advantages of the "Post" Bed

The "post" bed of these machines is particularly suited for shoe work and other work which is difficult to handle on a flat bed or a cylinder bed machine. The "post" is 7 inches high and it has a very small top surface, 1 and 7/8 inch by 2 inches--which permits an operator to handle a shoe upper conveniently while fitting the lining, without twisting the upper out of shape. Operators are thus aided in turning out a good grade of work. There is a clear space of 7~ inches at the right of the needle.

Oblique Under-edge Trimmer

The trimming is perfectly done by means of the oblique under-edge trimmer with which the machines are equipped. The oblique trimming knife automatically trims the lining from under the edge of the shoe upper while it is being stitched, so that none of the lining is visible from the outside of the work when the stitching and trimming is finished.

As the trimming knife can be instantly thrown out of action; the machines can also be used for plain stitching when desired.

Oblique Edge Guide

To protect the edge of the shoe upper from the trimming knife while the stitching and trimming is in progress, an oblique edge guide, which keeps the edge of the shoe upper out of range of the knife, is fitted to the arm of the machines. This is an especially valuable feature when stitching and trimming the edges of the inside curves in ladies' and children's sandals.

The distance from the line of stitching to the edge of the work is instantly adjusted by the oblique guide.

Different thicknesses of work can also be readily accommodated by a simple adjustment of the oblique guide.

Roller Presser and Drop Feed

The machines are fitted with a ball bearing roller presser and drop feed which are very efficient in their use on shoe work, etc., the freely turning roller presser permitting short and sharp turns to be easily made, while the drop feed makes the feeding of the work positive, ensuring uniform length lock stitches. Another advantage is afforded by the locating of the feed in a convenient position at the extreme outer edge of the "post."

Mechanical Opener

Uniformity in stitching is further assured by the adoption in the machines of the mechanical opener, the opening lever of which slightly turns the bobbin case at every stitch to permit the free taking up of the needle thread.

Belt Driven Rotary Hook

The machines have a rotary hook which is belt driven and they are therefore smooth running and quiet in operation.

Foot Lifter

A foot lifter for raising the roller presser is provided with each machine, and operators find this a great convenience as it enables them to handle a large output of work with ease and dispatch.

(NOTE: Original document copyright 1920 and 1925)

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