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Industrial Brother Sewing Machines Information

Commercial Brother Sewing Machines Information

This table is a small selection of Brother models that I service, and sometimes buy and source.

Call 503-759-4373 for service or sourcing or if you have a machine to sell.

Brother DB2-B735    
Brother DB2-B736    
Brother DB2-B737    
Brother DB2-B755    
Brother MA4-B551-001    
Brother V61-655    
Brother CB3-B916A    
Brother DB2-B773-003    
Brother DB2-B773-006    
Brother DB2-B748-907    
Brother DB2-B798-300    
Brother LT2-B837-310    
Brother LT2-B872MarkII-405    
Brother LT2-B8750MarkII-905    
Brother LS3-C51-0    
Brother LS3-C51-3    
Brother LS3-C53-0    
Brother LS3-C53B    
Brother LS3-C54B-050    
Brother LT3-C57B-050    
Brother LS2-F52A    
Brother LS2-F53A    
Brother LS5-P11-0    
Brother LT5-P13-0    
Brother LS5-P52-050    
Brother LT5-P54-050    
Brother LT5-P56-050    
Brother LS5-P62-3    
Brother LT5-P64-3    
Brother LT5-P73-0    
Brother LT5-P73-1    
Brother LS5-P81-0    


When sold new the "machine head" included in the molded foam box:

  • The Brother sewing machine head
  • Oil drip pan or oil reservoir pan
  • Oil, Manual, Screwdrivers, Needles, and a Thread Stand
  • Rest Pin, Hinges, and Knee lifter
  • Bobbins and Bobbin winder with lockstitch models ( if not built into machine).

When the term "Machine Head with power stand" is used, this typically indicates:

  • The Brother sewing machine head with Equipment listed above
  • Stand legs, table top, motor, switch box and motor wiring, and belt
  • Modern stands are typically adjustable height
  • Table tops are typically high-density core or plywood core and with laminated top
  • Common motors include the 1/2 h.p. 110 volt clutch- motor with wiring, plug, treadle, switch, and usually a choice of pulley size
  • Choice of clutch motor was by dealer or by customer; Automated machines included a Brother Servo motor
  • Drawer


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