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This table is a small selection of Consew models that I service, buy and source.

Call 503-759-4373 for service or sourcing or if you have a machine to sell.

Model   Model  
29   Consew 387RB-1  
29B   Consew 703  
29STD   Consew 722  
29L   Consew 733R-2  
29BL   Consew 733R-4  
29L STD   Consew 744R-10  
75C   Consew 744R-20  
75T   Consew 744R-30  
104-1   Consew 744RATCL(N)30  
104-3   Consew 744/745RP  
104-10   Consew 745R-10  
104-100   Consew 745R-20  
104-1T   Consew 745R-30  
104-2T   Consew 745RATCL(N)30  
104-3T   Consew 753  
104-10T   Consew 756R  
133A   Consew 751R  
Consew 146RB-22   Consew 752R  
Consew 146RB-WS   Consew 754R  
Consew 146RBL   Consew 757R  
Consew 146RB-1A   Consew 758R  
Consew 146RB-2A   Consew 759R  
Consew 146RB-3A   Consew 760R  
Consew 146RBL-USA   Consew 2255RBATCL(N)CD  
Consew 175   Consew CN2043R  
Consew 199R-1A   Consew CN2230  
Consew 199R-2A   Consew CN3115RB  
Consew 199R-3A   Consew LSW-6LG  
Consew 199RB-1A   Consew LSW-7LG  
Consew 199RB-2A   Consew SK-6F  
Consew 199RB-3A   Consew SK-6  
Consew 199RBL   Consew SKZ-6  
Consew 199RBL-USA   Consew TE-6  
Consew 206RB-4   Consew TE-6R  
Consew 206RBL   Consew TF-6  
Consew 206RBATCL(N)      
Consew 207      
Consew 223      
Consew 223R-1      
Consew 224R-1      
Consew 226RK-2      
Consew 226R-2      
Consew 226RVM-2      
Consew 226RVMG-2      
Consew 226RKVM-2      
Consew 227      
Consew 227R-1      
Consew 227FS      
Consew 227RFS      
Consew 228-11      
Consew 228R-11      
Consew 230RB-1      
Consew 254RB-2      
Consew 254RBL-2      
Consew 255RB-2      
Consew 255B      
Consew 255BK      
Consew 255BVK      
Consew 255RBL-2-USA      
Consew 255RB-2      
Consew 255RB-2S      
Consew 255RB-2TA      
Consew 255RBV(K)      
Consew 255RBL-3      
Consew 255RBATCL(N)      
Consew 255RBTC      
Consew 261-2      
Consew 261-2T      
Consew 277R-2      
Consew 277RFS      
Consew 277RB      
Consew 277RBFS      
Consew 277RATCL(N)      
Consew 277RATCL(N)SU      
Consew 278R-1      
Consew 278RB-1      
Consew 278RBL-1      
Consew 278RBLH-1      
Consew 282      
Consew 282R-1      
Consew 282RB-1      
Consew 286RB-1      
Consew 287      
Consew 287FS      
Consew 287RFS      
Consew 287R-1      
Consew 287RB-1      
Consew 287RBFS      
Consew 287RB-1HB      


Machine "Head Only" generally refers to:

  • Sewing machine head.
  • Oil, Manual, Bobbins, Screwdrivers, Thread stand, Knee lifter.
  • Bobbins and Bobbin winder with lockstitch machines ( if not built into machine).

Machine "Head with power stand" typically includes:

  • Singer sewing machine head.
  • Stand with laminated top.
  • clutch- motor or other motor with wiring, plug, treadle, switch, and choice of pulley size.
  • Drawer, Thread stand, Oil, manual, Screwdrivers, and Rest pin.
  • Bobbins and Bobbin winder with lockstitch machines ( if not built into machine).
  • Knee lifter, Hinges, Belt.


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