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Singer 145A, 145W


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Singer 145W302 wide gauge with optional front handwheel and optional thread oiler.

 SINGER CLASS 145W Double Needle Lockstitch


Tents... Awnings... Upholstery... Leather Coats...Automobile Trim and Similar Heavy and Bulky Work

Designed for stitching upholstery, with layers of sound-deadening insulation, to heavy fibre body and door panels of automobiles, these high arm machines are also unequaled for a variety of other heavy work where two-needle machines of their exceptionally great capacity are required. Long arm varieties are available for work which requires additional clearance.

The machines are surprisingly fast and economical. Their ability to maintain a speed as high as 1500 R. P. M. is remarkable considering the heavy work handled.

145W100, 145W101, 145W102, 145W103, 145W104, 145W105,
10" clearance to the right of the needle.

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145W102 wide gauge with optional high speed handwheel and optional thread oiler.

145W200, 145W201, 145W202, 145W203, 145W204, 145W205,
20" clearance to the right of the needle.

145W300, 145W301, 145W302, 145W303, 145W304, 145W305,
30" clearance to the right of the needle.

Section of an Automobile Door Panel Showing Cloth Upholstery and Layer of Paper insulating Material Stitched to Heavy Fibre Sheet by 2 inch Gauge 145W Machine.
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Compound feed (needle feed working in unison with feed dog) and alternating presser feet (walking feet) enable these machines to stitch a number of plies of material without slippage between the plies. Perfect feeding and a flat-lying seam is obtained when stitching upholstery to panels with bulky insulation material as shown above, or when stitching heavy linings to leather coats. The presser feet have approximately a 7/8" inch lift, depending on variety, which allows work of considerable thickness to be handled.

Extra large bobbins have four times the thread capacity of the Singer 111W, 112W, Class Machines. This means fewer stops to replace the bobbins even when using heavy thread.

All machines have a high arm which allows maximum space for bulky material. Large door panels and similar stiff or unwieldy pieces can be easily handled on long-arm Machines 145W200 through 145W205 or 145W300 through 145W305.

Long arm machines 145W200 through 145W205 or 145W300 through 145W305 are available with optional front handwheel.

Maximum stitch length: 2&1/2 to the inch (.4" long).

Optional needle gauge spacings from 1/4 to 2&1/2" available.

Folders, Binders, Guides, and other accessories can be attached to front slide plate and left attached. Slide out plate to remove attachment and slide in another plate with other attachment pre-installed.

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Singer 145A204


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