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Singer 7225 JV

Singer 7225 JV Automatic Pocket Setter

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X-Y axis, Long Arm, Automatic Pocket setting Unit

APPLICATION: For setting precreased pockets on jeans or sport trousers of medium to heavy fabric. The form of the pocket, the seam style and tack pattern can be varied with appropriate fittings.

FEATURES: The jigs are fast and easy to change by the machine operator. The cost of the jigs are minimal. The 7225 JV unit works together with a creasing pockets machine, both run by the same operator.

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-one legs and pocket preloading station
-one sewing unit
-one legs stacker
-with special jigs and relevant program the unit can make ornamental seaming on pockets.

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Max machine speed: 2200 RPM
Max stitch lenght: 10mm
Max pockets size: 250mm x 190mm
Seaming Program: on 3.5 inch floppy disc
Production in 8 hours : 1900 pockets

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