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Industrial Sewing Machine Repair and Service

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Industrial Sewing Machine

These brochures show a small selection of models that I service, buy and source.

Sourcing Service!

Call me to find difficult to find machines. I have contacts from even retired dealers who still have stock or access to hard to find machines.

Call 503-759-4373 for service or sourcing or if you have a machine to sell.

  • Please contact me with a request for a particular machine model, type, or application.
  • It is important that your request be as specific as possible.
  • Please indicate intended use and possible future uses.
  • Thread type and size if known.
  • Preferred needle system (if needed to coordinate with other machines).
  • Desired maximum speed (stitches per minute).
  • All other details important to you in your acquisition.

Singer Sewing Machine Pictures

Brochures of just a few machines I service and/or source:

Singer 7-5, 7-10, 7-33, and other 7 class machines
Singer 7-33, Singer 733
Singer 17-41 and other 17 class machines
Singer 17W15 for rope work
Singer 20U53 and other 20U classes
Singer 22W208 for mops
Singer 29K58, 29K60, 29K62 and 29U classes
Singer 31-15 and other 31 class machines
Singer 32-64 for rug and carpet binding
Singer 44-10 for leather work
Singer 46-100 for hat sweat bands
Singer 47W66 for leather work
Singer 107W53
Singer 111W151 and other 111W machines
Singer 112W140 and other 112W machines
Singer 112W116 and 112W139
Singer 144W304
Singer 148-5
Singer 153W101 and other 153W machines
Singer 168W101 and 168G101
Singer 211G146, 211G151, 211G157, 211G158
Singer 211G155, 211G156, 211G165, 211G166, 211G255
Singer 211G and 211U classes
Singer 262-21 and other 262 classes
Singer 331K5 and other 331K machines
Singer 352 multi-needle machines
Singer 431D, 431F, and 431T classes
Singer 491D and 491UX class machines
Singer 591C, 591D, 591E, 591UX, and 591V classes
Singer 691D250GD and other 691D machines
Singer 1191D300A and other 1191D machines
Singer 1713 for book binding

Brother DB2-B797 and DB2-B798
Brother LZ2-B852, LZ2-B853, and LZ2-B854
Consew 104
Consew 199R, 199RB, and 199RBL classes
Common Consew walking foot machines
Consew 206RB-3 and 206RBL-3
Consew 205RB-1 and 206RB-4
Consew 206RB-4 and 206RBL-4
Consew 387RB-1
Consew 733R-4
Consew 744R and 745R classes
Consew 751R, 752R, 754R, 756R
Consew 757R, 758R, 759R, and 760R
Juki DLN-5410 and DLN-5410N
Juki DNU-241 and DNU-241H
Juki LK-1900 classes
Juki LU-1508, LU-1508H, LU-1510, LU-1510-7
Juki LU-1560, LU-1560-7, LU-1565
Juki LU-2260, LU-2260-6, LU-2260-7
Juki LZ-391 and LZ-586
Juki MO-623, MO-644, MO-644D
Juki MO-654, MO-654DE, MO-655
Juki MO-6704, MO-6704S, MO-6705, MO-6705S
Juki MO-6712, MO-6712S, MO-6714, MO-6714S, MO-6716, MO-6716S
Juki MO-6743, MO-6743S, MO-6745, MO-6745S
Juki MS-1190, MS-1260
Juki TNU-241, TU-273
Juki TSC-441, TSH-411, TSN-421, TSU-471
Kansai Special RX-8803D and other RX-8800 series
Kansai Special SPX-101
Mercury M-18-1
Mercury M-145H
Mercury M-280L
Mercury M-280LS-18
Nakajima 281LL
Pfaff 142 classes
Pfaff 938 classes
Seiko CH-8B and other CH classes
Seiko H-2BL-AE
Seiko SLH-2B
Tacsew T1718-2 and K121L
Union Special 81200 series


Mark Rofini

Telephone: 503-759-4373


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