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Singer 107WSV Embroidery Machine

Singer 107WSV machines for embroidery have been produced in a variety of sub-classes. These are satin stitch zigzag machines in free motion or feed capable form.

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Singer 107WSV free motion type

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Singer 107WSV feed capable type

Machine 107W SV is especially designed for embroidery work. It has one needle and one rotary hook and makes the zigzag lock stitch. Large designs can be embroidered on this machine as there is a clear working space of 10.5 inches at the right of the needle.

In operation, the needle vibrates alternately right and left, a stitch being formed at each throw of the needle.

The work produced by this machine resembles hand embroidery, the hook mechanism drawing the needle thread inwardly on the under side of the fabric, thus giving the work a woven appearance.

Many pleasing varieties of work can be produced on this machine as the needle will vibrate toward the right, or toward the left, or zigzag across a central line, these movements being controlled by a hand lever at the back of the machine. The stitching can be readily varied to any width up to 1/2 inch by means of mechanism operated by the knee while the stitches are being formed. A continuous overseam of uniform width, as for striping, etc., can also be formed of any desired width up to 1/2 inch.

By manipulating the hand lever and the knee mechanism, the stitches can be readily formed into the shapes of leaves, flowers and other designs requiring varying widths of stitches.

The machine is intended for use on a power table and can be operated at the speed of 1500 stitches per minute even when embroidering designs requiring a 1/2 inch throw of the needle.

Accurate work is ensured by the use of two specially designed presser feet; there is a space between the presser feet, so that the design is visible while it is being embroidered.

The length of feed is regulated by means of a thumb screw at the right of the balance wheel.

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detail showing construction of padding stitches

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