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Singer 69

Singer 69-7, 69-14, 69-16, 69-24 excerpts from brochure. These details are from a brochure distributed to the shoe manufacturing industry. Graphic is of 69-24. The 69 class machine was made in other sub-classes for tacking operations in all manufacturing industries, and shares many parts with the 68 class tackers. The 69 class evolved to the 269, 369, 469, and is currently made as the 569 class.

SINGER Class 69 Single Needle Lockstitch Machines

Cylinder Bed, Oscillating Shuttle, Automatic Thread Cutter, Uniform, Accurate Stitching, Automatic Stop And Belt Shifter, Dependable Performance

  Singer 69-24


AUTOMATIC OPERATION - The operator merely starts the machine and as the stitching is completed, the needle and bobbin threads are automatically trimmed close to the under side of the work and the needle is raised to its highest point ready for the next piece.

EASE OF OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE - The machine is set up on the table with the end of the cylinder bed toward the operator so that the work may be conveniently handled. Threading and oiling the machine are simply and quickly accomplished. Adjustments, as required, are easily made with conveniently located regulators and controls.

MAXIMUM STITCH STRENGTH - Barring and tacking are accomplished with uniformity and speed. Your products will have maximum strength with a minimum number of stitches (you'll save on time and thread).

69-7 For tacking shoes Tacks up to 3/8"--2 staying, 9 long, 7 cross in center of tack, 3 tying stitches, Flat clamp

69-14 For tacking shoes, light work Oblong tack 7/32" to 7/16" long -- 18 staying, 3 tying stitches, Arch clamp

69-16 For tacking shoes, heavy work Same as 69-14 Arch clamp

69-24 For stitching back stays on oxfords Single line tack, 5/8" long -- 18 staying, 3 tying stitches Arch clamp Note: Can be fitted to make tack up to 1" long if desired

The following are photographs from parts manuals:

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