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Singer 150W

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Singer 150W2

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Singer 150W104

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Singer 150W class have been produced in a variety of arm lengths.

The 150W161 pictured here and all other long arm 150W class machines are well suited for coats, outdoor goods, and applications where bulky materials are sewn, and all other applications where additional space to the right of the needle is desired. The sewing or re-sewing of labels, on all four sides, into folded shirts without the need to unfold the shirt is another application.

The automatic oiling system for the hook on this machine is designed for the applications for which this machine may likely be used. It can supply oil during very slow speed stitching; such as is sometimes necessary for bulky or heavier work. At the same time, it does supply perfect lubrication at the machines' top speed of over 60 stitches per second (3800 per minute).

This wide speed range gravity feed lubrication system is a decided advantage when sewing slowly, over the pressure lubrication systems used in most 4000 to 6000 stitches per minute machines. The pressure systems do not provide perfect lubrication at slow speeds; they are at their best when sewing at medium to high speeds, whereas this machine provides perfect lubrication within its entire speed range.

The following is an OCR excerpt from Singer brochure Form 10161:


Ball Bearings --on balance wheel end of the arm shaft and hook shaft make the 150w161 light running, quick to pick up speed and economical in the use of power.

Three-Bearing Arm Shaft --in addition to the ball bearings, two plain bearings eliminate any possibility of vibration or noise.

Improved Stitch Regulator --instantly adjusted for from 5 to 32 stitches to the inch.

Drop Feed --produces even length stitches.

Needle and Presser Bars Supported for High Speed --two bushings for the needle bar and an extra long bushing for the presser bar hold these parts rigidly.

Large Bobbin --reduces number of stops for changing bobbins.

Link Driven Thread Take-up --operates silently and efficiently. Oil wicks automatically lubricate needle bar driving link and take-up.


Oil from a reservoir in the machine bed is fed from the ends to the center of the hook shaft bearing by means of spiral grooves, from whence it enters the hollow hook shaft and is carried by centrifugal force to a wick in the raceway.

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X-Ray View of Hook Lubricating System of Machine 150w161.

Flow of Oil is Shown by Arrows.


1. It serves a double purpose, providing a constant and adequate supply of oil for the sewing hook raceway as well as for the hook shaft bearing.

2. It prevents the hook from over-heating on long runs and reduces wear, prolonging life of hook and bobbin case base.

3. It controls the flow of oil so that there is no excess to soil thread or work.

4. It eliminates oiling trouble.


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