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Threading will be similar to this Singer 211 machine diagram.

The thread will pass through two "thread retainers" before going to the main tension.
On the Singer diagram #1 and #2 are the thread retainers.
On the Seiko, the first retainer is the plate on top with three? thread holes in it.
Go through one hole then the next, etc. Thread in/out or around in a spiral; it doesn't matter.
On the Seiko their is a "pre-tension" disc assembly next.
Go though the guide hole, around and through the discs, and through the lower guide hole.
Now go through the second retainer. Thread in/out or around in a spiral; it doesn't matter.

The thread will next pass through the main tension assembly.
On the Singer it is 3, 4, and 5.
3 is main tension (beehive tension). 4 and 5 is check spring.
On the Seiko, pull thread through the discs of the main tension (beehive tension).
Go over the top to the left and down the left side. Pull thread into (between) the two discs.
Continue down to the right side of the check spring assembly.
Pull thread around right side of check spring discs, under from right to left, up left side and snap it past small tab between discs.

Now thread take up lever.
On the Singer it is #6, #7, and #6 again.
On the Seiko, guide #6 is in two parts. Go through the guide above the check spring assembly.
Go through take up lever right to left.
Go down left side of take up lever and through guide, and through next guide just below that one.

Now thread through thread oiler.
On Singer it is #8.
Thread through (behind) thread oil pad.
You may oil this pad if necessary when sewing leather. Regular sewing oil or Silicone thread oil.

Thread through guide above needle (#9 on Singer).

Thread through needle from left to right. Thread tail should come out on right. Allow about 6" to 10" of tail to come out needle.

Thread bobbin in bobbin case by inserting bobbin and pulling bobbin thread through thread slot and under spring and out end of spring.
Allow a few inches of thread to come out of bobbin case. Insert bobbin case into machine.

Hold needle thread to the right with a very slight tension while turning top of hand wheel over toward you.
You will need to pless treadle slightly to release brake. Not enough to run machine, just enough to take brake off.
Allow needle to go down to bobbin and come up.
It will bring bobbin thead up. Lay needle thread and bobbin thread back to begin sewing.
Hold needle thread tight by hand for first stitch or two so it doesn't pull through the needle eye.

Never sew with thread in the machine unless material is under foot or thread will wrap up and jam.
Never sew off end of material for same reason.

Only sew when foot is down or you will have no thread tension. Tension discs release when foot is up.
Never press knee lifter while stitching or you will have no thread tension. Tension discs release when knee lifter is pressed.



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