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For Banners

The Singer 300 (and long-arm version 320) is the preferred choice of every banner maker we have dealt with. It is simply the only chainstitch machine with compound feed (needle feed).

The 300W machines were made in the US. The 300U machines were made in Japan. The 300U has no metric parts. Every part is interchangeable with the 300W. The made in Japan Seiko brand produces a clone of the 300. It interchanges its parts with Singer. The Seiko copy was first sold in the US under Consew's brand name, about a year and a half ago, but now Seiko sells it directly under their own name and under the Singer name.

There are many sub-classes of the 300 machines: From one needle to 72 needles are available with any spacing desired. All models are compound feed; some also have walking feet and/or pullers, among other variations.

A double needle machine with around a 1" gauge and with a puller is the preferred banner machine. The correct puller is either of the original type of Singer pullers. One is gear driven and the other a clutch puller. These pullers are responsible for about $1000. of the cost of a used machine. Cheap clutch pullers that will not work satisfactorily can be sold outright for $100. Better pullers including zero-max pullers are fair only. We would only supply the two Singer type pullers for your intended operation and cannot quote on the others for this application. The machine will perform better without one of the cheap pullers installed than it will with.

The gear puller is the strongest and lowest maintenance unit. It is set with a selection of gears for a specific stitch length and cannot be changed without swapping gear sets. Banners will probably need to have either a 6, 5, or a 4 stitch per inch specification.

The clutch puller is most versatile. You can change your stitch length setting on the machine as a given application demands.

An optional hemming folder is used to increase production speed and attain an even edge. Our hemming folders are folded in the US.

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