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This has the same hook, bobbin, and bobbin case as the Juki TSC-441, Consew 756, Singer 45B, etc. It looks small in the photo because the face plate is so massive on the Adler. There are hefty linkages for the walking foot mechanism under that cover. There is just under 7/8" of lift at the feet.

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The speed reducer is built with 1" bore sheaves on heavy wall 1" OD shafting. There is no flex with the 1" shafts! It is easy to change the ratio. The bronze bushings supporting the shafting have oil cups in the up position for constant lubrication. We have found this simple system to be the sturdiest speed reducer around.

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Both the motor and the machine head mounting bolts are within the four legs of the stand. Usually you see the stand legs to the right of the machine bolts near the arm. This style here is more stable. The motor mounting also helps stability as it is spaced far from the head. 1" x 3.5" rectangular stock supports the legs with all four leg pads with their bolt holes also just touching the floor for extra support.
The foot lift pedal is elevated higher than the motor pedal for ease of access with the foot. It is built on a wide pedal so the pedal supports are on each side of the pull chain for better geometry. Both pedals are nylon bushed for smoothness.
The stand was assembled at "sit down" working height. It can be elevated for stand up use if requested.



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