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300W and 300U machines

Fill oil to mark in oil pan. Allow time to flow into center of pan.

Fit machine over oil pan. Machine was tight fit on table and will need to go ntraight down at correct angle and pressed into table top. Machine will sot above table top approx. 1/4".

Loosen motor adjustment bolt; the long threaded bolt in front of motor. Slip belt over machine handwheel and lift motor up to slip over motor pulley. Tighten motor bolt only medium; not too much belt tension is needed.

Only turn top of handwheel toward you. Never turn handwheel away from operator.

Set up thread stand. Attach 5" long pins through holes in bottom arms and slide round plates over pins and slide stabilizers over pins. These will hold cones. Slide these arms over lower upright post and tighten. Use connector and attach top upright post to lower one. Then attach upper arms to top of upright post. These will guide thread. They must be directly over cones at all times when machine runs and separated from lower arms as much as possible.

Set cones on lower arms and thread through guide holes on top. Tie thread to each thread on machine and work through machine. Leave 6" out of loopers and needles. There is a large knurled knob on the left of machine under the bed. To make threading loopers easier, pull knob and rotate while turning handwheel until loopers move forward the maximum amount and catch the detent to held the knob into position. After threading release knob and make loopers go back into running position.

Push hem of banner under foot and run machine. Do not lift foot. Machine will carry banner through. Leave puller in down position. Puller will pull banner through.

First time a new cone of thread is threaded; help pull the hem through while sewing until the hem is back to the puller. The puller will then take over. No need to help successive banners through as the puller does that.

At end of banner do not lift foot. Do not lift puller. Just run hem through machine and through the puller. After chain of thread comes through puller, snip chain of thread behind puller and of course leave the chain from puller to needles so that this chain will pull next banner through. Never lift foot and pull banner out; let the banner run all the way through machine and out the back. Never lift puller; the puller must have pressure on the thread chain to pull the next banner through.=

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